Lake LBJ Yacht Club and Marina

Rental Policies For Granite Beach Cabins at LBJ Yacht Club and Marina, LTD. Call: 830-693-9172 for reservations 

Must be at least 21 with a valid driver’s license or passport and credit card to rent cabins!

1.        Check out is 12:00 noon  ----- Check in is 4:pm-6pm, after 6 we will be closed and un available!       

2.        Photocopy of ID and imprint of card required at check in;

3.         In cases where the guests have checked in by phone or fax and a credit card imprint is not obtained the renting party 100% agrees and understands that any and all charges relative to this agreement  will be added to the credit card provided!   

4.        Cancellation Policy---

a.        Full payment is due at time of booking

b.        Refund only with 14 day in advance, notice after that no refund

5.        2 Night minimum required, 3 night on major Holidays

6.        4 guests maximum occupancy! Guests will be charges $40 a night for any additional people staying in cabin

7.         All cabins are non-smoking inside! Smoking on the porch or on the grounds is permitted; butts must be discarded in the appropriate containers. We will add a 150.00 per night damage fee to your credit card if you choose to smoke in our cabins anyway!

8.        Littering and extra dirty cabins subject to extra charge

6.     No loud parties or behavior that may disturb other guests will be tolerated. This is a family oriented facility, guests that do not behave accordingly will be asked to leave without any refunds. (Behavior judged as unacceptable will be at the sole discretion of the management)

7.     Quite time is 10:00 PM to 8:00 AM; please respect all other guests

8.     Late checkout is at the sole discretion of management and subject to additional charges

9.     We do not provide daily maid service, for guest staying more than 3days we will provide additional towels

10.   We do not have phones so bring your cell if needed!

11.   We do not have a reception area, security or 24 hour service or telephones in cabins! All guests must check in and out at appropriate times. Guests are responsible for the safety of their families and invitees! Please call 911 for emergencies!

12.   Any and all damage or theft to the property by the guest, the guest's family or invitees will be charged in full without notification to the guests credit card provided. Total costs for any and all damage will be at the sole discretion of management without negotiation! We take damage seriously! Also-In cases where there are more guests than the renter has indicated an additional charge of $40.00 per night per additional guest will automatically be added to the credit card provided.

13.   By renting a cabin you are 100% agreeing to and accepting all of our policies

14.   No swimming in our designated swim area unless it is open!

15.   One pet allowed---Dog only! No cats etc…. You are responsible for any and all pet damage!

16.   LBJ YACHT CLUB AND MARINA, LTD-DBA Granite Beach is a unique development in a natural setting. We are located on Lake LBJ; the cabins are nestled in a grassy area next to a cove and surrounded by undisturbed brushy areas. There are inherent dangers in this surrounding including but not limited to the following; Snakes, deer, insects, bacteria in the lake, the lake itself and the possibility of drowning.

The guests must acknowledge and understand these dangers and be responsible for protecting themselves, their families and invitees!


The undersigned hereby agrees to abide by and accepts all policies of LBJ YACHT CLUB AND MARINA, LTD.

The undersigned hereby agrees to assume all risk for any and all damages to property or injuries to themselves, their children or any guests, including death, which may occur as the result of the use of the premises of LAKE LBJ YACHT CLUB AND MARINA, LTD.

The undersigned waive any claim for damages to persons or property, which may occur as the result of the use of the said premises. This waiver includes any negligent acts or omissions caused directly or in-directly by LAKE LBJ YACHT CLUB AND MARINA, LTD, including its officers, directors, or employees.

The undersigned further agrees to indemnify and hold harmless LAKE LBJ YACHT CLUB AND MARINA, LTD, including its officers, directors, or employees, from any claims or damages, which may occur to any child, invitee, or guest of the undersigned.

It is understood and agreed that this agreement includes but is not limited to slipping and falling on any surfaces wet or dry, sprained or broken limbs, cuts and abrasions, snake bites, drowning, eye injuries, insect bites, bacterial infections.

 200 S. Wirtz Dam Road
Horseshoe Bay, Texas 78657
(Located off FM 2147 next to Horseshoe Bay)
830-693-9172   Fax 830-798-1679